The InCommon Steering Committee has approved changes to the InCommon Participation Agreement and the InCommon Federation Policies and Practices (FOPP). The changes are part of the adoption of Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation, which includes a new dispute resolution process, eliminates the requirement for organizations to post a Participant Operational Practices (POP) document in favor of requiring certain elements to be present in the InCommon trust registry (also known as “metadata”).

In keeping with the InCommon charter and bylaws, the revised Participation Agreement goes into effect on June 15, 2018, 90 days after notice was sent on March 15. Changes to the FOPP are effective as of the Steering Committee action on March 4.

The InCommon community’s work on Baseline Expectations now enters a transition phase as we collectively gear up to support this new program. Look for more on the new dispute resolution and consensus process development/refinement in the coming weeks.

Information about the Baseline Expectations program is available on the InCommon website. There is also a Baseline Expectations wiki space, which includes links to informational webinars, an implementation roadmap, and an FAQ.

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