In 2011, Mines started on a project to replace an epic mess of shell, Perl, C, C++, Python, and a few dozen other odd tools that implemented Mines User Database or UDB for short.  In March of 2015, Mines migrated to vendor provided identity and access management solution.  The vendor solution had a number of useful features for both administrators and users, including self-service password management.  For several reasons, Mines is now faced with replacing its existing vendor solution. 

Mines joined InCommon and began utilizing Shibboleth in 2013 and watched with interest as the TIER project got started.  Mostly we were interested in Grouper.  During the spring / summer of 2017, a number of factors motivated the need to identify a new IAM solution, we were excited to hear about the new I2 Campus Success Program.

Over the past several months, we have been reading up on midPoint and developing a project plan to deploy both midPoint and Grouper.  There are quite a few differences between midPoint and the entity registry of the vendor solution. Over the next several months we will be describing those differences and how we intend to get around them.