The InCommon Community Assurance call Wednesday, Jan 4 at noon ET focused on REFEDS Assurance Work.

REFEDs the international organization of federation operators, convened an Assurance Working Group  to develop a new authentication assurance profile guided by requirements identified in a prior survey of the needs of research organizations. This work is nearing its first complete draft, and the approach taken has some novel aspects. The REFEDS Assurance WG chair is Mikael Linden, who will give us a look at the new profile and ask for your feedback. Of note, one aspect of the profile relies on adoption by REFEDS of the InCommon-developed MFA Profile. Mikael will also update us on its status.


Mikael Linden (CSC -  Finnish IT Center for Science) 


Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska - and Chair 2017 of the InCommon Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC)


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