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PKI Review

  Certificate Service Review Working Group


PKI Review Working Group

Final Report




Ann West

Group Leader (Chair)


Christopher Bongaarts, University of Minnesota

Working Group Flywheel: Paul Caskey, Internet2


The mission of the PKI Review the Certificate Service Review Working Group is to review and provide input on matters pertaining to the next generation of the InCommon Certificate Service.  This group will represent the InCommon community and will serve as the advice and consent function for directions pertaining to the next generation of the service.


Specific goals for the PKI Review Working Group include:

  • review and provide input on the upcoming Certificate Service Community Survey
  • review (from the survey), document, and prioritize desired features for the next-generation service
  • develop gap analysis with existing service
  • recommend next steps



Membership in the Working Group is open to all a limited number of interested parties. Members join the Working Group by subscribing to the mailing list, participating in the phone calls, and otherwise actively engaging in the work of the group.expressing an interest to participate to either the chair or the Program Manager for Community Trust (

The chair of the Working Group is appointed by the InCommon Program Manager for Community Trust, who . The chair is responsible for keeping the InCommon Steering and TAC Technical Advisory Committees informed regarding the Working Group's status.


Potential Deliverables Considered to be Out of Scope for this Phase

  1. This WG will not be the permanent PKI Advisory Committee that will report to the InCommon Steering Committee.  That group will be chartered and formed later.
  • Address short-term tactical issues
    • Review/approve revised domain activation process
    • Address the issue of the base domain and wildcarded base domain being treated separately?
    • Identify any issues around offering a private CA option
  • Community survey
  • List of desired features for the 'next-generation' InCommon Certificate Service
  • Gap analysis between new features and existing service
  • Recommendations for next steps

Expected End Date

The working group is expected to complete all deliverables by 126/430/20152016.

Required Resources

  • wiki space: PKI Review Working Group Home
  • phone line for conference calls: We'll use Blue Jeans video/voice conferencing (details TBD)
  • group email list: (TBD)

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