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titleSSO and MFA Available

The use of single sign-on and multifactor authentication for accessing the Comodo Certificate Manager is available to any subscriber that also operates an Identity Provider in the InCommon Federation. See the Identity Provider setup requirements on this wiki page.

Also, in order to use this new service, your IdP must support the REFEDS MFA Profile.

The InCommon Certificate Service offers single sign-on convenience, and the security of multifactor authentication (MFA), for logging in to the Comodo Certificate Manager (CCM) by those who administer their organization's certificates.

  • Single sign-on (SSO) is available to both RAOs (Registration Authority Officers) and DRAOs (Departmental Registration Authority Officers)
  • The organization must have an identity provider (IdP) in the InCommon Federation
  • The organization's IdP must be configured to support the REFEDS MFA profile


The benefits of using SSO and MFA include:

  • Removes the need to maintain a separate set of login credentials with the Comodo Certificate Manager
  • Eliminates the need for the RAO to request password resets from InCommon (which is time-consuming for both RAOs and InCommon staff)
  • The InCommon Certificate service is used by organizations as the basis of internal and external trust. Protecting it with MFA reduces the likelihood of stolen credentials.

  • MFA protected SSO increases security by leveraging protected campus credentials that RAOs already use in their local context to access higher security services.