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 Target for meeting BE on Dec 14, 2018

  • Update: key InCommon staff met to discuss next steps, Albert is tracking orgs. Plan to take action In order of risk priorities from this document

  • Good news: There has recently been an big increase in SPs that meet BE. It is easier now with the bulk update feature

  • See Blog on Huge Progress by the Community:

  • Health Check Emails

    • Health check email message  includes link to extension request form  

    • Followed by health check status

    • We should change the wording of the health check emails after Dec 14

    • Need wording for communication to those not meeting Baseline

    • Would be good to have a friendly way to get orgs to ask for any help needed

    • Next Health check email should go out on Dec 18. Plan to continue to send every 2 weeks .

    • Albert will work on new updated text for the health check emails.

    • TomB: when we are in steady state mode, we should have health check message indicate the cycle times

    • CTAB will be owners of the dispute process. CTAB will discuss with InCommon Staff in general what the message should be, and InCommon staff will work on how to word the emails


Recruiting new CTAB members

  •  CTAB Recruitment info on wiki:

  • TomB : has reached out to 3 individuals in the research space about serving on CTAB. 

  • Brett spoke with all potential new CTAB nominees last year; This year MC happy to will join these conversations

  • Reminder to look for diversity of large and small institutions, etc.

  • Suggestion to add columns for each member of CTAB and their characteristics per what’s identified in the charter.

    • [AI] Emily will add columns for each member of CTAB and their characteristics per what’s identified in the charter and reach out for help where needed. (DONE)


  • Reminder CTAB will also meet on Dec. 19, Jan 2, Jan 9,  Jan 16 and Jan 23 at 4pm ETShould CTAB meet on Wed Jan 2? (First day back after holiday break)