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  • How to Apply for the Research and Scholarship (R&S) Entity Category

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The Research and Scholarship entity category is used to facilitate the exchange of information between IdPs and SPs in support of activities related to research and scholarship. Institutions that operate Service Providers (SPs) state compliance with a set of operational and technical practices to protect identity information, and institutions operating Identity Providers (IdPs) state agree to release low-risk attributes to those SPs. InCommon reviews these statements and assigns the Research and Scholarship Entity Category to those IdPs and SPs.scholarship activities extend beyond the boundaries of the campus and increasingly so do the applications that support collaboration. Your campus can leverage your federated identity management system to allow faculty and researchers to access participating research collaboration services without manual intervention by your staff.

Certification for the Research and Scholarship (R&S) Category is a straightforward process involving both you, your institution, and InCommon:

  1. You ensure Ensure that your SP or IdP meets the requirements set forth in the REFEDS Research and Scholarship Entity Category definition . Note that the requirements for IdPs and SPs are different.You and the InCommon Federation Participation Agreement (Section 9, in particular). In brief, you will need to:
    1. For an Identity Provider
      1. As described in Research and Scholarship IdP Config, make a one-time change to your Identity Provider's attribute release policy to release a user identifier and basic information (name, email, and optionally affiliation) about each faculty member and researcher to R&S certified Service Providers.
    2. For a Service Provider
      1. Ensure the service enhances the research and scholarship activities.
      2. Ensure the service complies with specific technical requirements addressing issues of security and operational maturity.
    3. See InCommon's Research and Scholarship Category page for more information. The application forms linked below make good checklists.
  2. For SPs, complete an online application form. There is a different form for IdPs and SPs:..
    1. Research and Scholarship Application Form for Identity ProvidersResearch and Scholarship Application Form for Service Providers
  3. InCommon reviews your application. You may be contacted to resolve any questions or issues that arise.
  4. Assuming the review is successful, InCommon generates For IdPs, declare your ability to support R&S in Federation Manager

InCommon will review your application and then generate a metadata update for your IdP or SP.


 Your site administrator then approves the metadata update, and the process is complete