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During the call:

  • Copy & paste whatever appears as the Agenda in Adobe Connect
  • Screen shot the attendee list from Adobe Connect and paste it in
    • If you hear other names you know, add them by hand -- we're not going for absolute completeness here
  • Note the updates that are announced from Steering Committee, working groups, etc.
  • Free form notes on the main agenda being presented or discussed
    • Not necessary to have a line by line transcript
    • Often someone is presenting slides, and it's not necessary to repeat the content of those; there'll be a link to them
    • Try to capture major points, questions, or comments
    • Bonus points: The more you can capture comments from people at different institutions that reflect how an issue is being approached in different ways, the better -- that helps people follow up with each other to learn more
  • If there was anything on the whiteboard in Connect, copy & paste it in 
  • If there was valuable content in chat in Connect, such as people posting links, copy & paste it in

After the call:

  • If you can edit the wiki, put your notes on this page and link your notes to the Call Program on the main page.
  • If you can't edit the wiki, you can send your notes to the Itana Steering Committee (ITANA-STEERING@listserv.educause.eduand they'll ensure they get posted - or get access to edit the wiki!