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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, May 22, 2014 1:00pm ET | 12:00pm CT | 11:00am MT | 10:00am PT

Dial-in Information

+1-734-615-7474 (preferred) (use this number unless you pay for long distance)
+1-866-411-0013 (US and Canada) (use this number if you pay for long distance)

Access Code: 0139713#



If you are on a phone lacking a mute button, you can mute your phone via eDial by pressing ##1. To unmute, press ##1 again.


  1. Please review carryover action items
  2. REFEDS Update (Ian, Scott)
  3. CSG update - TIER Presentation (Michael, Tom B)
  4. InterFed Work Update (John, Tom Scavo)
  5. IAM TestBed Status update (Keith)
  6. Identifying TAC's Priorities for the remainder of the calendar year
    • Steering/Programs documents for 2014 and 2014-15 are attached to the page for TAC's 4-24 call.
  7. (your agenda item here)

Informational Items

Carryover Action Items

  1. Steve Carmody will draft a wiki page outlining the steps involved in creating a category
  2. John will discuss with TAC how the Google OpenID Gateway might be operated and/or funded
  3. TAC will develop a recommendation for the potential necessary resources for eduGAIN implementation.
  4. John and Steven will review the Phase 2 Recommendations and propose to TAC a list of items that need to be addressed as a result of accepting the Recommendations
  5. John Krienke will distribute a list of outcomes related to the MD-Distribution recommendations
  6. John Krienke will implement a policy review regarding whether SP registration of keys could be made optional.
  7. Steve Carmody and John Krienke - Take to Steering for a policy discussion the issue of maintaining/guaranteeing the strength of the trust fabric through proactive scanning and probing of entities on behalf of the federation and its participants.
  8. Steve Carmody will discuss with Chris Holmes any legal issues he sees regarding moving toward the REFEDS R&S definition
  9. Scott Cantor will continue to push discussion of the Affiliation-Based Access category and a library services category (proposed by SWITCH) and represent the TAC’s support for both.
  10. Ann West will bring up with the InC-Student working group the issue of R&S attribute release and its relationship (or not) to students who invoke the FERPA opt-out.
  11. Keith Hazelton and Jim Jokl will lead a discussion about the proposed IAM Test Bed on the TAC email list.
  12. Tom Scavo and Tom Barton will work on making available to campuses the InCommon scripts used to identify SP’s with endpoints that are not compatible with SHA-2.
  13. Steve Carmody will continue to draft a note to Chris Holmes (member of Steering and associate counsel at Baylor) concerning how to frame any proposed revisions.
  14. David Walker, Tom Scavo, and Michael Gettes will identify the technical and policy questions and options available, associated with extending the InCommon Google Gateway to R&S SPs, with a report deadline of June 5.


Attending: Steve Carmody, Scott Cantor, Ian Young, Nick Roy, Jim Jokl, Keith Hazelton, Tom Barton, Jim Basney, David Walker

With: John Krienke, IJ Kim, Tom Scavo, Nate Klingenstein

Action Items

(AI) Keith will draft a IAM Testbed working group charter for the next TAC meeting.

(AI) TAC members will review the original strategic priorities document and propose priorities for the rest of 2014.


Scott Cantor reported on a couple of highlights from the recent REFEDS meeting:


Ian discussed the concept that REFEDS is becoming a place where people go to standardize things, which has not been its historical role.

CSG Update

At the recent meeting, CSG spent a half day on identity issues, including presentations by Steve Zoppi and Klara Jelinkova. Klara’s discussion was about the concept of TIER and the types of institutional problems that the concept might address. It was clear that there is substantial CIO support for TIER, assuming we help them understand the problems that can be addressed and solved. Klara told the group that the governance and deliverables for TIER will be defined and presented at the Educause annual meeting and the Internet2 Technology Exchange in the fall.


Tom Scavo reported on discussions on fast-tracking LIGO into eduGAIN. The concept is to create an export metadata aggregate from the InCommon metadata and pipe it into eduGAIN. All of this is contingent on necessary updates to the FOPP and InCommon participation agreement.

IAM Testbed

Keith reported on testing of the new IAM Testbed


(AI) Steven asked the TAC to look at the original priorities document and identify TAC priorities for the rest of 2014.

Next Meeting

Thursday, June 5 – 1 pm ET