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The list of permitted non-FQDN entries acceptable internal domain names permitted in the SAN are as follows:

The following IP blocks are defined as private and non-routable over the internet, thus OK to be issued for internal use:

  1. -
  2. -
  3. -
  4. See:

Any single server name containing no dots. For example:

  1. server1
  2. mymailserver
  3. printspool

The following internal use TLD's referenced in RFC2606 (, and comments to the same:

  1. .test
  2. .example
  3. .invalid
  4. .localhost
  5. .local
  6. .lan
  7. .priv
  8. .localdomain

Subject Alternative Name (SAN) certificate extension is documented in the Comodo knowledgebase.