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When a student logs in to a service provider using their system credentials, they are initially directed to the system to perform authn duties. The system will verify the user's identity and return their unique identifier. The service provider will then take the unique identifier to the local identity provider, where additional 'enriched' attributes can be found.

#1 enhanced, re-write from CommonApp:

Since CommonApp will be an excellent example of this use case, this addition/enhancement from them is useful:

DRAFT Use Case: Inter-Application data request:  Test Scores
Simon wants to apply to college as an undergraduate using the Common Application. He navigates to and creates a user profile. Upon starting the registration process, he sees a login screen and clicks on Use Your CommIT Credentials. Simon’s CA registration page displays an "Import CommIT Profile" link and asks him to complete remaining information for Common App registration.  If Simon has no CommIT Profile, he is given the opportunity to create one, which is then recognized by Common App as his user credential. 

Simon proceeds with completing the Common Application, and comes to the Testing section.  He sees instructions at the start of the section with a link to "Import your official test scores."  Since Simon has a CommIT ID, when he clicks the link, a series of checkbox options appear , labeled with the range of scores he can import: SAT, ACT, and AP History and AP Chemistry tests.  Once selected, Simon clicks "Import Official Scores."  Each testing source chosen by Simon is queried for scores using his CommIT credentials, and each source returns all Simon's scores and dates, or a message indicating that no scores were found, and where to go for support from ACT, SAT, etc.  

Common App receives the data and populates his Testing Section of the Common Application appropriately.  Beside each score, a choice group labelled Do Not Send appears, allowing Simon to choose from among the schools on his MyColleges list, to accommodate his preferences regarding Score Choice.  Simon completes his application and submits to Common Application Member Colleges according to his preferences, and with each submission, his chosen official scores for the member college in question are provided along with the application.

3. Deprovisioning a User Representation from the CommIT Ecosystem