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Integration Strategy 3

Integration Strategy 3 allows for the use of University accounts to interact with CommIT collaborative participant(s).

The following flows involve the use of a existing University account and attributes tied with it to interact with existing CommIT collaborative participant services.

Actors Involved in these scenarios

1. Student: S1 - In this case it is the user Ursala, University Student at University, U1.

2. University: U1 - In this case the University attended by S1.

3. Participating PortalP1 - It could be a Service Organization (Ex. Collegeboard, ACT, FAFSA etc) or an Application Service Organization (Aggregation portal; school system, other than U school, etc.). A user may have local account with this organization. P1 also offers an attribute service that can be viewed as a business opportunity for P1 to contract with potential customers who are interested in retrieving valuable information about the user.

4. "CommIT collaborative" Identity Provider: IdP - "CommIT collaborative" portal that also supports central account creation UI to establish a unique identifier for the user.

5. University Identity Provider: UIdP - IdP for U1

Scenario 1: University credential holder, S1, already has a CommIT Collaborative Credential

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