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The InCommon Steward Program extends the benefits of federated identity management to K-12


school districts and community colleges


. The Steward (a state or regional network) manages the implementation and InCommon provides the infrastructure and operational experience.

Benefits for the Steward

  • Enhances collaboration with K-12 and community college members
  • Federated identity management reduces support traffic by reducing signons
  • Federated IdP increases security and simplicity by reducing the need for multiple credentials
  • Provides access to a national trust infrastructure and teaching, learning and research services across all of U.S. research and education
  • Leverages the existing InCommon Federation technical and support infrastructure

Benefits for the School District and Community College

  • New possibilities for sharing of services and software
  • Potential seamless transition from one educational level to the next
  • Access to national and international resources
  • Reduces the number of passwords individuals need to remember, and reduces the likelihood that their credentials will be compromised
  • The Steward manages the technical infrastructure, so no need for additional resources and technical expertise
  • InCommon conducted a community review of the Steward Program between August 30, 2016 and September 29, 2016. Please see InCommon Steward Program Community Review for the results of that review.


In 2017, a proof of concept of the Steward Program was conducted in partnership with MCNC to MCNC, the North Carolina regional network, to test assumptions about benefits, challenges and costs of the program. InCommon, operated by Internet2, provides the research and education identity trust network in the U.S. MCNC is North Carolina’s regional network provider for research and education. The team summarized the results of the proof of concept and reported back to the community with next steps for the program. We also provided brief monthly updates during the proof of concept in the InCommon Steward Blog.  (See above.)

Information for Stewards (Restricted Access)