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Comments on the InCommon Steward Program

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1Niels van DijkWill the Steward program also enter the K12 entities into eduGAIN?

We currently export a few K12 entities that have been sponsored into InCommon by their higher education collaborators and haven¹t opted out. Under the Steward Program proof of concept, MCNC is leaning towards not exporting the 10 or so entities.

We plan to review the PoC next June and determine next steps. At that point, we¹ll have a better idea about next steps for adoption and the numbers.

Just curious, though, what prompted your question? K12 in eduGAIN or metadata scaling or..?


Tina Meier

Could the concept of Shared Services Model or Board of Regents be considered as another Steward?The Steward Program is currently scoped to regional R&E network providers being Stewards, with K-14 schools being the only Represented Constituents.  We will, however, use the results from the proof of concept to consider next steps for the program.  Keep posted for further announcements in 2017, after we have completed the proof of concept with MCNC.
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