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  • InCommon Certificate Types

This page includes links to technical documents and service endpoints for each of the certificate types issued by the InCommon Certificate Service.


The intermediate CA known as the InCommon RSA Code Signing CA (SHA-2) was deployed on September 19, 2014.


The intermediate CA known as the InCommon Code Signing CA (SHA-1) was deployed on June 30, 2011.

  • Certificate Chain:

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    <br><span style="margin-left: 3em; line-height: 150%"><a href=",1">AddTrust External CA Root</a> [<a href="">Text</a>] [<a href="">PEM</a>]</span>
    <br><span style="margin-left: 5em; line-height: 150%"><a href=",1">UTN-USERFirst-Object</a> [<a href="">Text</a>] [<a href="">PEM</a>]</span>
    <br><span style="margin-left: 7em; line-height: 150%">InCommon Code Signing CA [<a href="">Text</a>] [<a href="">PEM</a>]</span>
    <br><span style="margin-left: 9em; line-height: 150%">End-Entity Certificate</span>
    Intermediate CA Bundle for Code-Signing Certificates

The following information is common to both the SHA-1 and SHA-2 two InCommon intermediate CAs:

  • Certification Practices Statement for Code-Signing Certificates
  • Certificate

    Profile for Code-Signing Certificates

    Certificate Revocation List:

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  • Online Certificate Status Protocol:

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