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  • Social2SAML Issues of Gateways and other Solutions
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Social Provider Policy (SPP)

What policy does each of the social providers put on proxies between the IdP and ultimate SP? The gateways are proxies in some sense in all models before us, though Roland Hedberg's model ultimately connects IdP and SP on the basis of the SPs credentials.



Will each social IdP have to be scrutinized by the legal team for the Gateway operator?



SPP policy must be assumed to be susceptible to change


Multiple IdPs per user

As insurance agains a social IdP "going away", users should register with more than one


Need for account linking

If users have more than one IdP (social or otherwise), they may forget which one they used to access a given resource. Without some form of self-service account linking this problem is hard to solve


Instability in provided attributes

Attribute values from an IdP may change at whim of social provider


Minimal reliance on social IdP

As a general principle, the less dependent systems are on the social IdP the better. Authentication plus an undecorated identity are the smallest set of useful things a social IdP can provide; Raises the question of the value of the gateway service: Is getting out of credential management a big enough win to support social2SAML gateway services?


Lightweight gateway

As a general principle, gateways should be designed to be as lightweight as possible


Conflicting principles

Principles 7) and 8) are incompatible in practice


Central service or shared code

Either approach would yield valuable commonality of practice


Same IdP different Gateway, different results

If our gateways are more than pass-throughs, there is the danger that users and service providers will see different results even with the same SP and IdP if the gateway is different.


Gateway with per-SP credentials

Only way this scales; model is similar to Janrain Engage


SimpleSAMLphp (SSP) as alternative to gateway

Institutions could run a single SSP service which would scale down the proxy issue to an institutional level vs. central gateway which has to scale to a federation level.







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