This is the home for privilege and access management use cases.

Use Case Libraries

Selected Use Cases with links to 1) Proposed Solutions and 2) Policy Service Perspectives using XACML terms

Use Case Tabulation

Use cases collected by Rob Carter for CAMP June 2009

Sakai Use Cases

Federated Use Cases

Individual Campus Use Cases

CMU Use Case with Linked Proposed Solutions

Penn Payroll System Use Case

Carnegie Mellon Billing Use Case

UC Irvine Use Case Document

NCSU Solution and Contrasting Use Cases

Cancer BioInformatics Grid (caBIG) security architecture

VO/CO Use Cases

LIGO Document Management

Ideas for Use Case Modeling

- Swim lane diagrams
B2- swimlane Diagram illustrating the Old and New Payroll Clerk Use Case  NEW
- OmniGraffle (
- Use Gliffy diagrams in Confluence.  Example of a Gliffy diagram:
Examples from InCommon Library Services Collaboration:

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