Intended Audience: here's what you want to get done, here are the issues

What are the things that people need to get done to tackle these issues?

  • Are we still at a point where we have lots of local solutions, but not enough experience to identify best practices?
  • Support targeted-id from your IdP, using a database, rather than a dynamically generated hash.
  • SPs should be ready to support targeted-id if eppn is not present.

What are the issues related AuthZ that are raised by federated authentication?

  • Unlike traditional internal oriented applications, federated application may not be pre-provisioned with information about the users of the application. The first time a person uses the application is the first change that the application gets to learn anything about the user. The user is unlikely to appear in a local domain's LDAP directory. The privilege assignment must be done dynamically, based upon the attributes presented by the remote IdP or other third parties.
  • In some cases we may not have a simple subject which can be added to groups. For example, the IdP might not be providing a unique persistent identifier to the application. It might only be providing general affiliation or entitlement information.
  • How do we communicate to remote IdPs that a group of applications are cooperating applications, for which users should be presenting a single targeted-id, across each of the cooperating applications? What if the cooperating applications are hosted in different enterprises or by different universities?

Federated Use Cases should be collected here.

Interesting Projects Tackling this issue:

  • OCLC's meta-IdP
  • COmanage

Reading materials:

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