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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Action Items from Last Call

  • (AI) Albert will provide a written report regarding InCommon staff responses to recommendations from the Attributes for Collaboration and Federation WG and the Streamlining SP Onboarding WG.
  • (AI) Eric Goodman will share the RFP that UCOP used in developing an SP Proxy service as a way to start development of a charter for a working group.


Attending: Keith Wessel, Janemarie Duh, Matthew Economou, Mary McKee, Jessica Coltrin, Eric Kool-Brown, Matt Brookover, Heather Flanagan, Mike Grady, Judith Bush, Eric Goodman, Heather Flanagan

With: Albert Wu, David Walker, Dean Woodbeck, Nick Roy, James Babb, Dave Shafer, Ian Young, IJ Kim, Shannon Roddy,

Intellectual Property Reminder - All Internet2 activities are governed by the Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework

Public Content Notice - TAC minutes are public documents, please let the TAC and note taker know if you plan to discuss something of a sensitive.

Action Items

  • (AI) TAC members review Eric’s SP proxy background document, add any technical requirements or use cases, to provide a basis for a charter.

Baseline Expectations update

  • 91% of organizations meet BE

  • 95% of IDP meet BE

  • 96% of SPs meet BE

  • CTAB to kick off stage 3 of Dispute Resolution Process - moving orgs not meeting BE into Dispute Resolution Dockets (70 out of 757 orgs remaining)

Proposed InCommon Fee Change

  • Kevin Morooney, Sean Reynolds, and Ted Hanss led a webinar yesterday outling the need for an InCommon fee change to operate and enhance the federation and continue the software development work started by TIER. Background information, including the webinar recording and slides, are on the wiki:

MDQ and FM updates

  • This will be the topic of the IAM Online on January 23 (2 pm ET). We will likely ask those that have been using the Beta per-entity service to move to the new service. A launch to all is anticipated for June.

  • As of next Tuesday, Ops is implementing automated metadata approval to ease the load on the RA. This also puts us in a position to allow people to self-assert things like R&S.

International Update

  • Schema discussion going on at REFEDS. Also establishing a schema board - recommendations are welcome.

  • Personal identifiers conference is next week (PIDapalooza). Heather will attend to determine if this should be on our radar in Dublin (Ireland).

  • REFEDS steering committee will have some turnover with the beginning of the year.

  • APAN is coming up.

  • RA21 governance planning group is meeting at the end of TIIME in Vienna.

  • Professional development organization, IDPro ( incubated in Kantara. Now focused on enterprise and commercial; needs some R&S experience.

Working Group Updates

2019 Working Group Planning

Reference: Guidelines for sponsors and flywheels

IdP as a Service Working Group

  • Have a draft charter.

  • Need a TAC sponsor (role is to recruit co-chairs, then keep tabs on the WG progress and serve as a resource for the co-chairs). Mary McKee volunteered.

SP Proxy Working Group

  • Eric Goodman provided a background document based on work done at UC, developed to address use cases seen in the UC system.

  • Discussion about whether this is SP proxy, IdP proxy, or SAML proxy

  • (AI) TAC members review Eric’s document, add any technical requirements or use cases, to provide a basis for a charter.

  • Should this be a TAC sub-group at this point, rather than a WG? (OIDC example - did a survey to help figure out the goals of the group, then created the WG)

  • Useful chatter in the meeting chat:

sp shim

From Matthew X. Economou to Everyone: (10:41 AM)

As an aside, I know of an organization that plans to use a SAML proxy to make their IdP look like a normal InCommon IdP.
 They don't want to lose the investments they've made in their existing IAM services, but at the same time they recognize the need to better integrate with the federation (something their IdP software can't do).

From David Walker to Everyone: (10:45 AM)

What they are doing is analogous to what I described for SP proxies/shims.  They are deploying an IdP that happens to have other IdPs as internal components.

From Matthew X. Economou to Everyone: (10:46 AM)


  • Continue this discussion on the email list

  • Eric G is willing to modify his document based on this feedback

These two WGs plus the WGs already in flight would be the work for the first part of 2019.

FIM4R Report Response

Chris Phillips, as chair of CACTI, has shared a response to the FIM4R report. The focus is on collaboration as a service; the response looks at how InCommon (and Internet2 Trust and Identity overall) fare with the report’s recommendations. Overall the recommendations are:

  • Support collaboration-as-a-service

  • Increase focus on sustainability

  • Improve trust and identity governance with research representation at all levels

The group writing the report meets tomorrow and may wrap up its work then, but any last-minute comments could be made before that time.

Next Meeting - January 31, 2019 - 1 pm ET

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