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TAC Meeting October 25, 2018

Two new Internet2 staff members - Albert Wu, new federation manager; and James Babb, T/I support engineer

Ops Updates

  • FM release on Monday - auto approve of some MD changes.

  • FM release the following week - Next week will enable bulk updates

  • First BE office hour today at 2 pm

International Update

  • See notes in email from Heather, 10/24/2018

  • I know there was a conversation with Ann about InCommon providing "something" in support of RA21.  I seem to recall hearing development resources mentioned, but not the context. Since it's been made very clear we're talking about two separate "things" relative to RA21 - the Discovery Service and IdP Persistence - what exactly is being asked of InCommon? Support/Development/Operation of both (?) in collaboration with GEANT?

OIDC Deployment WG

  • A lot of information out of TechEx, with about four different groups working on OpenID Connect

  • This group is focusing on deployment issues and pattern

Deployment Profile WG

  • Have just found a number of issues in the document that need tweaking

  • Question from the meeting last week caused a review of “musts” and “mays” and “shoulds.” Hoping this doesn’t need to go back to the community, but evaluating that this week

REFEDS Federation 2.0

New TAC Members

  • Nominations closed yesterday

  • Candidates are listed on the Nominations 2019 page of the TAC Wiki

  • Mark has created a spreadsheet which lists the nominees and the demographics they represent (e.g. organization type, size, experience, etc.)

  • Reviewed the nominees

  • The goal is to have a final TAC 2019 roster in place by November 8 (next TAC meeting) The wiki is definitive on the nominee list

  • Dean will prepare a form for voting

IdP as a Service WG

  • Tom Barton has a draft charter

  • Michael Gettes have a proposal that he intends to pursue

  • Need to scope this WG’s activites

Next Meeting - November 8, 2018 - 1 pm ET

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