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TAC Meeting August 16, 2018

Pre-Read Materials

  1. FIM4R paper section 5.6
  2. Review/indicate approval of minutes from TAC Meeting 2018-07-19
  3. RA21 Report on Security and Privacy Recommendations

Action Items from this meeting

(AI) Heather will contact Kevin Thompson at NSF for leads on someone to represent the research community.

(AI) TAC should use the nominations page to enter ideas and potential nominees.


Attending: Mark Scheible, Eric Goodman, Heather Flanagan, Judith Bush, Matt Brookover, Janemarie Duh, Keith Wessel, Eric Kool-Brown, Mike Grady

With: David Walker, Ian Young, Dean Woodbeck, IJ Kim, Mike LaHaye, Nathan Dors

International Update

Heather attended the All-Partners Access Network meeting (formerly the Asian-Pacific Area Network). There was considerable interest in eduroam, as well as federation and identity basics (like using LDAP).

RA-21 - The RA-21 report, “WAYF Cloud and P3W Security & Privacy Recommendations,” has been published. RA-21 leadership is working with GEANT and InCommon on the requirements for  a discovery service. There is a meeting planned the day before TechEx begins for a discussion with RA-21, InCommon, and GEANT. They have chosen P3W as the technology for the DS. RA-21 is hoping GEANT and I2 will help manage the DS.

RA-21 plans two levels of integration: 1) “just tell us what to point to.” This is completed. The second level is a more customized integration. For example the American Chemical Society wants to support both federated accounts and local accounts. There was also a corporate pilot, with the goal of not having the user need to find or click on an identity provider. One solution is to pre-populate the IdP choice so the user never sees the DS. The more complicated integrations are not yet complete.

Keith Wessel reported that he was invited to speak at a conference of librarians with representatives of OpenAthens. He was asked to talk about the power of federation and direct attribute release.

Working Group Updates

Attributes for Collaboration (Mark) - The working group report was accepted by Steering, and some sort of formal response is expected back from Steering.

Streamlining SP Onboarding (Janemarie) - Co-chairs Tommy Roberson and Garrett King will attend the next TAC meeting to discuss the working group report. They will send links to the final work products prior to the next TAC meeting.

OIDC Deployment (Nathan Dors) - Nathan talked about some of the working group’s activities and also activities of a REFEDS OIDC group. There will be a few sessions at TechEx with OIDC  either central to the session or at least part of the discussion. He showed a wiki page that includes standards and profiles that constrain those standards ( The working group is planning to produce artifacts that will help people navigate the space from a variety of starting points, and is developing some sequence diagrams to help people understand uses.

Deployment Profile (Keith) - The working group has scheduled two calls in September for community feedback and responses. Each call will cover different topics and feedback items.

Sept 6 - 11 am ET | 10 am CT | 9 am MT | 8 am PT

Sept 13 - 11 am ET | 10 am CT | 9 am MT | 8 am PT

The working group’s responses to comments are here:

Response to FIM4R Paper

Kevin Morooney has asked CACTI to develop a response to the FIM4R report and, in turn,  that each of the other governance groups assist with some specific areas. David Walker will work on this and there is a need for a couple of TAC volunteers to help (Heather volunteered). The response will focus on section 5.6 of the FIM4R paper (here is a link to Tom Barton’s blog post about the paper). Those interested in participating should contact David Walker or Mark Scheible.

2019 TAC Nominations and Membership

The nomination process will kick off in three weeks. This wiki page will serve as the organizing spot for the process. Four members have terms ending at the end of 2018 - they will each receive a letter on September 4 asking if they intend to continue or roll off. Responses are due Sept. 28.

(AI) Heather will contact Kevin Thompson at NSF for leads on someone to represent the research community.

(AI) TAC should use the nominations page to enter ideas and potential nominees.

Next Meeting - August 30, 2018 - 1 pm ET

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