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Attending: Mark Scheible, Steve Carmody, Janemarie Duh, Tom Mitchell, Scott Cantor, Chris Misra

With: Nick Roy, Dean Woodbeck, Ann West, David Walker, Ian Young, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Paul Caskey, Steve Zoppi

Action Items

(AI) Steven will send a note to the TAC list on Monday, Aug. 22, asking if there are any changes/corrections to the minutes. He will give a deadline of Tuesday (Aug. 23) to respond; after that time, the minutes will be published.

Ops Update

Full report here:

Federation Manager: The new version of the Federation manager went into production on Aug. 8. Changes include:

  • Editable IdP mdui:DisplayName (user facing)
  • Multiple IdPs per organization (for RA)
  • Support for the Steward Program (for RA)

Federation Info Pages: Migrating to a new web server caused the federation info pages to stop refreshing. Still considering what to do.

Sirtfi: InCommon will conduct a proof of concept with NCSA, the University of Chicago, and LIGO, adding the Sirtifi entity attribute into metadata for those IdPs. The Federation Manager will also be modified to allow submission of a Sirtifi security contact. This proof of concept resulted from Jim Basney at NCSA requesting a Sirtifi tag. REFEDS has not yet completed the Sirtifi specification, including the federation operator responsibilities; hence this proof of concept. InCommon will be communicating with the three IdPs, as well as the community, about this proof of concept and about tags in general.

TAC Community Update Webinar

The TAC Community Update webinar will take place Wednesday, Aug. 24, at 2 pm ET. Here is the agenda:

  1. Intro (Steve C) (2-3 min)
  2. Per-entity Metadata/MDQ (Scott Koranda) (8-10 min)
  3. Deployment Profile (Keith Wessel) (8-10 min)
  4. OIDC (Albert Wu?) (8-10 min)
  5. IdP configuration documentation for popular SP's  (Janemarie) (8-10 min)
    1. (Steve C to get a seed list of vendors that people might be interested in to Dean for a poll)
  6. Will be Looking for new TAC members (Steve C) (2-3 min)
  7. News Updates (quick) (Steve C) (5 min)
    1.  Baseline practices -
    2.  Implementation profile
    3.  Sirtifi

Letting Attributes Flow

Nick Roy developed a strawman: Strawman proposal for letting entity attributes flow. It basically creates two buckets of attributes, with the flow different depending on the bucket. 

A parallel discussion is occurring on the REFEDS list, which sets the stage for an ACAMP session, which will also inform this strawman document. Nick will share the strawman document on the REFEDS list, as well.

TAC Work Plan

Per-entity MD WG - Goal is to have something to discuss at the TechEx. 

IdP Configuration Documentation for popular SPs - Scott C has been adding these to the Shibboleth wiki. Janemarie is following up on this and is going to encourage people to submit. Next week’s webinar will include a poll to determine the top SPs and also get people to step up and do the work. 

Steward Program - We plan to start the Steward Program community review on September 1, with a package of documents going to Steering for review on August 29.

Deployment Profile - Keith Wessel is leading this and he plans to use next week’s webinar to begin attracting members.

OIDC/OAuth2 - This is intended as a survey effort, to figure out which direction to go and to understand the space. Albert is tentatively slated to lead the group.

TAC F2F at TechEx  

Four possible items for the agenda

  • Planning for the voting/new member process
  • Planning for “letting the attributes flow”
  • Starting the 2017 planning process
    •  Where have we gotten with per-entity metadata, anything TAC can do to move that along?
    •  Update from ops on thinking about how to produce signed PEMD
    •  Update from the WG on importance and architecture of availability?
    •  Pilot of what the WG comes up with for PEMD distribution?
  • Status update on OIDC

Next Meeting - Thurs., Sep 1, 2016 - 1 pm ET

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