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Action Items from July 7

  1. TAC agreed to recommend the FOPP changes to Steering and will propose to InCommon management that incident response procedures be created and an incident response plan be documented, perhaps with the help of one or more campus security officers (and others as needed). (AI) Steve Carmody will send notes to Steering and InCommon management with these recommendations.


Attending: Mark Scheible, Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Jim Jokl, Janemarie Duh, Tom Mitchell, Chris Misra, Scott Cantor, Tom Barton, Albert Wu, Keith Hazelton

With: Kevin Morooney, Tom Scavo, Dean Woodbeck, IJ Kim, Mike LaHaye, Ann West, Steve Olshansky, Paul Caskey, Steve Zoppi, David Walker, Nick Roy

Approval July 7 Meeting Minutes

(AI) Approved for publication. 

Ops Update

An upgrade to the Shibboleth xmlsectool 2.0.0 is complete

Installation of a new database server is on hold

Ops plans to roll out the ability for IdP admins to edit their <mdui:DisplayName> element on August 8. (AI) Tom Scavo will invite John Krienke to the next TAC meeting to discuss this and other potential changes.

Communications Regarding Upgrading to Shibboleth IdPv3

InCommon has complete a quick awareness campaign encouraging upgrades to Shibboleth IdPv3, mainly via the inc-ops-notifications email list. A little over one-third of the InCommon IdPs running Shibboleth have upgraded. We will continue to look for ways to encourage IdPs to upgrade. 

Tom Barton reported a call with the Big Ten Academic Alliance (successor to the CIC) - the non-upgraders reported time as the main impediment (this was also the case with those participating in the Shib Office Hours). 

Kevin brought up a related issue - that there aren’t many CIOs represented on the exec email list, which could be hindering getting the message out to decision-makers.

Face-to-Face at at TechEx 

TAC will meet at the TechEx on Wednesday, Sept. 28, Noon-1:30. 

TAC Community Update Webinar 

Dean and Steve C are in communication about planning a date for a TAC webinar. (AI) Dean will provide Steve with some previously developed material. The webinar will include information about the various working groups that are underway or have recently completed their work.

Free Flow of Attributes

There has been discussion on the TAC email list regarding new tags and self-asserted attributes (such as support for various entity categories, and in particular, push-back from some community members on Ops’ policy of filtering entity attributes that InCommon does not explicitly support). In general, TAC supports the free flow of attributes, including all entity attributes potentially imported from eduGAIN. (AI) Nick will prepare a document for discussion on potential operational issues in supporting such attributes and tags. He will also outline how RA processes might change for good or ill. The federation operator point of view might be a good topic for the REFEDS meeting (Mark S may follow up with Nicole).

Status of TAC Work Plan

The Per-Entity Working Group has had two calls.

IdP configuration documentation for popular SP's (Albert) - This is the process for documenting how to configure an IdP to work with popular SPs. The goal is to develop a template and have community members contribute recipes and processes. If Shibboleth is involved, these contributions should go on the Shibboleth wiki. (AI) Albert will contribute two or so recipes/cookbooks that UCLA has done for use as samples. He will also generate a list of questions that should be answered by these documents (making it easier for the contributors). 

Beyond SAML Browser SSO Working Group - David Walker drafted a charter for this proposed group: Beyond SAML Browser SSO Working Group. TAC discuss the scope and purpose for the working group. The revised concept is for this working group to survey the landscape, gather use cases, and make recommendations for next steps and/or follow-on working group topics. The focus would not be non-browser, specifically, but where InCommon needs to go in the future to support the dominant use cases. (AI) Albert will contribute UCLA use cases. (AI) David will revise the charter, focusing on use cases and environmental factors, as well as developing descriptions of what campuses are doing today with such technologies.

Next Meeting - Thurs., Aug 4, 2016 - 1 pm ET

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