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Attending: Tom Barton, Kim Milford, Scott Cantor, Jim J, Steve Carmody, Tom Mitchell, Keith Hazelton, Walter Hoehn, Janemarie Duh, Mark Scheible, Albert Wu, Chris Misra

With: Nick Roy, Ann West, Tom Scavo, David Walker, Steve Zoppi, Ian Young, IJ Kim, Steve Olshansky, Mike LaHaye, Kevin Morooney


Minutes from Feb 18 were approved and will be made public.

Brief items and updates

OIDC Workshop (Nick)

  • two 2-day workshops, back-to-back

  • 13 people in each session

  • good cross-section of individuals

  • high marks on the followup survey

  • considering the next steps in this space

(AI) Keith will send course materials to the list

InCommon eduGAIN Integration

Ian shared graphs and thoughts on impact to the UK Federation

There was a discussion about value proposition of eduGAIN for deployers

  • May be interest in building a list of interesting services available. (AI) Walter will send this to TAC when available.

  • Some deployers may find it useful to build a list of services being accessed, based on IdP data.

  • Is there a need for outreach to VP-Research offices?

Ops Advisory Group

Nick shared an informal proposal for an Ops Advisory Group, which would both advise InCommon Ops and feedback information to the TAC. Please review the document and comment. While this will likely start as an informal group, in the interest of transparency, they will be listed on the website "about" page, and the list can change as people come and go.

Federation Interoperability Working Group Report

Walter Hoehn present the working group's final report  and the proposed interoperability profile. As part of the review process, the draft working group report was shared with REFEDS, InCommon Participants, the Shib Developments, the SimpleSAML.php developers, Microsoft, and Ellucian. The working group recommends that the the Kantara Initiative be asked to serve as the home for this document, which would be a successor to the current Kantara eGov specs and as a basis for updating the SAML2int deployment profile. This may also elicit a wider review. TAC concurred with asking Kantara to host this document and the TAC accepted the working group report. Steve Carmody will take this to InCommon Steering for approval.

Next Meeting - March 17, 2016

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