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Attending: Steve Olshansky, Steve Carmody, Ian Young, Jim Jokl, Tom Barton, David Walker, Keith Hazelton, Tom Mitchell, Janemarie Duh, Chris Misra, Walter Hoehn, Albert Wu

With: Nick Roy, Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, Ann West, Kevin Morooney, Mike LaHaye, Steve Zoppi

Not Attending: Mark Scheible, Michael Gettes, Kim Milford

Minutes Review

Approved minutes from Jan 7, 2016, and Jan. 21, 2016.

Introductions of staff for new TAC members:

Kevin Morooney, VP for Trust and Identity, Internet2
Steve Zoppi, AVP Services Integration & Architecture, Internet2
Ann West, AVP Trust and Identity, Internet2
Nick Roy, Dir. Technology and Strategy, InCommon
Mike LaHaye, Director of Technical Services, Internet2
IJ Kim, Software and Integration, TSG, Internet2
Tom Scavo, Ops Manager, InCommon

Discussion of TAC logistics - minutes/agenda/collaborative note-taking

Ops update - prep for eduGAIN rollout, numbers/stats associated with the go-live, update on communications around metadata import policy

Check-in on timing of TAC call - works for all attendees present

Update on Fed Interop Implementation profile community comment period - no feedback from outside the WG to date

Update on TIER Packaging  - getting through survey results and into describing execution environments for TIER components

Discussion of Duo Security DUO1 outage on 2/2/2016 - (AI) Steve Carmody will follow up with spinning up documentation around Duo deployment best practices, may be homed in MFA interop WG

Election of Chair and Vice-Chair - info on the process the AAC uses (vice chair is alternate during their first year, and then step into chair duties the next year). The AAC sends chair and vice-chair proposals to Steering for approval.  (AI) All voting members: send nominations to Ann West ( and Dean Woodbeck (

(Other agenda items deferred for discussion on the next call)

Next Call  - February 18, 2016 - 1 pm ET

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