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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Attending: Ian Young, Steve Carmody, Jim Jokl, Nick Roy, Scott Cantor, Keith Hazelton, Tom Barton, Jim Basney, Paul Caskey, David Walker

With: Tom Scavo, IJ Kim, John Krienke, Nate Klingenstein

Action Items:

(AI) Need a TAC/community leader to shepherd the new software guidelines through the community review process

(AI) Steve C. will send the Interfederation Working Group recommendations to Steering, with a strong recommendation for signing the eduGAIN declaration

(AI) Steve will send, on behalf of TAC, a thank-you to Warren Anderson for his efforts leading the interfederation working group

Ops Update

  • Installing the metadata redirect to the new aggregate on Monday, March 31
  • Software Guidelines (discussed at the last TAC meeting) are published and up for community review (public wiki). (AI) We need a TAC/community leader for this and to inform the community that these are available for review.

Steering Program Subcommittee Planning

  • at a special TAC meeting last week, a lead person/group was identified for many of the priorities. Steve C. provided that information to the program subcommittee
  • the subcommittee is working on another spreadsheet that lists all of the projects and programs now underway at InCommon, with notes about status and deadlines
  • goal: between now and August, develop both 2014 and 2015 priorities
  • goal: develop priority-setting process for steering to use going forward
  • Internet2 will launch its 2015 budget process right after the 2014 Global Summit, with drafts due April 30.

New Working Groups

Charters were approved for two new working groups:

  • Alternative IdPs WG (David Walker will chair)
  • External Identities WG (Paul Caskey will chair

Recommendations from Interfederation Working Group

  • Final Report:
  • The working group reviewed the declaration, constitution, metadata profile from eduGAIN, as did Internet2’s legal office.
  • The working group recommends that InCommon sign the eduGAIN declaration. This recommendation will go to Steering. Steering will discuss on April 6.
  • This will require some modifications to the InCommon FOPP and the InCommon Participation Agreement
  • Once the declaration is approved, there are a number of technical issues to work through
  • (AI) TAC accepted the report and asked Steve to send it to Steering with strong support for signing the eduGAIN declaration
  • (AI) Steve will send, on behalf of TAC, a thank-you to Warren Anderson for his efforts
  • TAC will charter a third iteration of the Interfederation WG to follow through on these recommendations

Extending the Google Gateway to R&S

There was discussion about this recommendation, but a number of questions about deployment. Additional thought and information is needed, so this topic was deferred to the next meeting.

Internet2 Global Summit

There is a TAC meeting on the schedule (Monday, 3-5 pm). TAC will discuss whether to meet via email.

Next Meeting

Next call is scheduled for April 10, at the tail end of the Global Summit and may be cancelled

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