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InCommon Technical Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Attending: Steve Carmody, Keith Hazelton, Nick Roy, Ian Young, Scott Cantor, Jim Basney, Paul Caskey, Tom Barton, Chris Misra

With: Dean Woodbeck (scribe), Tom Scavo, Nate Klingenstein, John Krienke, Ann West

Action Items

(AI) Tom Scavo will revised the red box on the software guidelines wiki page

Ops Update via email
  1. Report on the Phase 1 Implementation Plan of the Metadata Distribution WG (see related note to TAC on Dec 18)
  2. Draft TLS Server Certificates wiki page introduced (see the original TAC version of this page for reference)
Proposed SAML Software Guidelines
  • Consensus was reached via email, although there is still some editorial work to be done. It is proposed to publish this in place of the original web page. There was discussion about where, in the web/wiki hierarchy, this page should reside – perhaps this should live below a higher-level document that talks about the standards the federation has adopted.
Seven Priorities Paper

Section 1

  • Steve will add text to define “Social2SAML.”
  • Steve will move the “managed collaboration service” item from #1 to #7 – Research Support.
  • Move “Social2SAML” to #4, perhaps as an example of what the group referenced in #4 will do.

Section 4

  • call out CIFER above as a proposed subgroup

Section 5

  • need PKI mention?
  • InCert – add to #4 as a project that is developing middleware?

Call-out short-term priorities

TAC will meet January 16 to continue work on the strategic priorities document
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