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  • Spring 2016 Chicago, IL
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22nd Collaboration SIG, May 17, 2016 Chicago, IL

Moderator: Gurcharan Khanna, Brown University


This year's SIG will focus on the challenges of setting up, running, and sustaining Virtual Reality systems. With a panel of experts in the field, we will hear and discuss issues of justification, funding, collaboration, marketing, outreach, and other issues aside from the technological challenges.

Our ongoing theme is why aren't advanced real-time collaboration tools being used more widely? What are some examples of projects that are successfully using them? What are the advanced technologies that warrant our experimentation and pilot use? Come share your thoughts and experiences and listen to ours as we try to create a community of users through this Special Interest Group devoted to promoting the successful adoption of advanced collaboration tools.


Maxine Brown, Director, Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago Focus on Virtual Reality

Kevin Ponto, Assistant Professor, Department of Design Studies and Living Environments Lab, University of Wisconsin at Madison Simulated Space for Real World Places

Kevin Davis, Program Director, Global Technology Services, Office of Information Technology, Duke University (no slides)

Gurcharan S. Khanna, Executive Director, Center for Computation & Visualization, Brown University Brown YURT



Kate Adams, Great Plains Network

Richard Biever, Duke University

Maxine Brown, University of Illinois at Chicago

Erik Kikkenborg, NORDUNET

Patricia Carbajales-Dale, Clemson University

David Chambers, MITEL

Kevin Davis, Duke University

Ben Fineman, Internet2

Bob Flynn, Indiana University

Jay Graham, University of Pittsburgh

Gurcharan Khanna, Brown University

Masanori Goto, NICT

Jennifer Oxenford, KINBER

Kevin Ponto, University of Wisconsin at Madison

Kevin Summers, MITEL

Liane Tarouco, UFRG

Tim Wells, Brown University


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