Summary Since September 2011

Over the past year, the Registries workgroup conducted an intensive review of the Kuali KIM, Open Registry (jasig/Rutgers), and Central Person Registry (CPR) Registry solutions. The materials collected during that review can be found on the Registry Evaluation page and the outcome of that effort can be found on the Registry Evaluation Summary page.

The group also conducted a review of two open source ID match tools (OpenEMPI and the Oyster project from the University of Arkansas) and developed a strawman proposal for an ID match tool that would serve the needs of higher education (also available on the Registry Evaluation page.

Next Steps

  • Penn State to deploy CPR and Rutger’s to deploy Open Registry in production
  • Penn State to make CPR code base available under open source license (ready to “click and download” to quote RL Bob
  • Open Registry dev team to get OR back into a state where code base is not Rutgers-specific and with a governance structure for community input.  Migrate OR out of “incubation” to full project status
  • ID Match
    • Make decision to build new ID match engine or build functionality (including admin UI) against existing open source ID Match tool
    • Build dev ID match tool, integrating with common SORs -- UCB and Kuali have resources to commit to this in the near term
    • SOR > Registry Integration
    • Define standard registry interfaces so that over time, Open Registry and CPR can support them, and campuses can readily integrate with one or the other
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