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The TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group was retired in June 2017 with the launching of CACTI Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity.


The TIER Ad Hoc Advisory Group  is a very short-term Internet2 technical strategy group that will help instantiate the community requirements, specification and adoption process portion of TIER. The Group will also assist with the establishment of a standing architecture strategy group that will  provide ongoing advice to the Trust and Identity (T&I) division.


Membership is by appointment of Internet2.


  1. Act as interim community architecture review for TIER.

  2. Develop process for engaging the community using working groups.

  3. Convene initial community working groups.

  4. Identify TIER collaboration tools and approaches to be used across all working groups.

  5. Liaise with peer advisory and working groups including InCommon Technical Advisory Committee and TIER Component Architects, as well as other related standards activities.

  6. Develop charter for the standing Community Architecture Planning and Engagement (CAPE) - Goals: have the charter for CAPE developed by January 2016; end this ad-hoc group and convene CAPE in March 2016 or earlier.

Resource Requirements

This requires the following support from Internet2:

  • Access to staff for administrative support.

  • Restricted collaboration space and related tools for small group work as well as public publishing locations to enable broad promulgation


The Ad Hoc Advisory Group will continue until the standing CAPE is formed.


The word "CAPE" in the above charter can be replaced by the newer name, CACTI (Community Architecture Committee for Trust & Identity). 

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