TIER containers are built at various points in time for multiple reasons.  Many of the container that are built will never be officially designated for production use.   TIER will maintain its list of current component containers that have reached production status on the TIER Package Delivery site.

Before containers are listed on this site, the following process is followed:

  1. Discussion of new features (if any) on component-specific slack channels
    1. tier-shib
    2. tier-grouper
    3. tier-comanage
    4. tier-midpoint

  2. Images are built from the pipeline and made available for testing

  3. Announcement of new container images on the appropriate slack channel
    1. The same channels listed in Section 1 above are used.

  4. Discussion of testing on slack channel
    1. Minor / no known changes normally require a 3 day minimum discussion
    2. Releases with new features normally require a 7 day minimum discussion; perhaps longer for major version updates as needed.
    3. Critical security updates may be moved at a more rapid pace, as needed.
    4. Iteration, as needed, to fix bugs and agree on stability.

  5. Update the TIER Package Delivery (TPD) Web Site
    1. The TPD site is updated with a reference to the new production container image.
    2. A reference to the past version or two is maintained.
    3. An email message is sent to watchers of the TPD site (is this sufficient or do we need a separate or other existing list for this function?
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