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Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group Minutes - February 12, 2018

Attending: Mark Johnson, Michael Gettes, San Reynolds, Chris Phillips, Ted Hanss, Klara Jelinkova, John O’Keefe

With: Kevin Morooney, Ann West, Steve Zoppi

Portfolio Matrix

There was one last opportunity to comment on this matrix, which will help set the trust and identity priorities. No additional comments were made

Business Model

Kevin kicked off a discussion of the four major elements in the Trust and Identity portfolio at Internet2.

  •  eduroam

  •  InCommon Certificate Service

  •  InCommon Federation

  •  Software engineering, development, and TIER

Two of these - eduroam and the Cert Service - were discussed today. Discussion on the other two will take place during the next meeting.


eduroam has 560 connectors (subscribers)

This service has consumed a lot of staff time during the last half of 2017, as Internet2 moved it from an unmanaged, uncontracted service to a managed service with a contract for connectors. eduroam started with an NSF grant and continued without a sustainability model in place. There was communication 4-5 years ago about development of a model, but that was delayed and connectors forgot about that communication.

Getting connectors to agree to and sign a contract has been much more time consuming than expected. Internet2 implemented a $700 registration fee, which was waived if the organization did not ask for changes to the contract. There was a small amount of pushback on this concept, and there were also many more change requests than expected.

The technical delivery and support for the service is done by the contractor, anyroam. Internet2 does some support and manages the contracts and related processes. Internet2 higher education members receive eduroam as one of their member benefits.

Internet2 has started discussions with some regional and state about becoming “channel resellers” of eduroam, primarily for K-12. Ann West and Mark Johnson just returned from the Quilt meeting (a gathering that includes regional and state networks), where they held a workshop regarding InCommon and eduroam. There is some interest among regionals to pursue the idea.

The PAG had a discussion about the funding formula for eduroam.

Certificate Service

The InCommon Certificate Service has approximately 450 subscribers and there are six fee levels ($20k to $2k), with special pricing for systems. Regional and state networks are eligible.

There was a general SWOT discussion about the cert service. InCommon surveys subscribers, solicit feedback on what they need and services they would like to see, then work with Comodo to meet those needs. SSO and MFA topped last year’s survey and we delivered on those. We are currently surveying the community to help develop the 2018 work plan.

The Cert Service also points out that Internet2’s impact on higher ed goes beyond its membership. Most of the Level 3 and Level 4 subscribers are not Internet2 members and comprise about 60% of the Cert Service subscribers.

PAG Membership

The PAG officially welcomed Michael Gettes as the InCommon Steering Secretary.

Kevin briefly discussed the need to increase PAG membership and diversify with additional international and research representation.

Next Meeting - March 12, 2018 - 4 pm EDT

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