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Trust and Identity Program Advisory Group Meeting - September 18, 2017


Attending: Kelli Trosvig, Michele Norin, Ted Hanss, Klara Jelinkova, Mark Johnson, Sean Reynolds

With: Kevin Morooney, Ann West, Steve Zoppi,

Campus Success Program

The program received 11 responses to the request for proposal. One withdrew and the recommendation is to accept the other 10. TCIC is reviewing and letters will go out to the 10 later this week.

PAG Face-to-Face Agenda

The planned meeting time for the Face to Face at the 2017 Technology Exchange (Monday, Oct. 16, 10:20-1:30) conflicts with a lunchtime community planning roundtable event. The PAG meeting will move to start at 9:15 am and end at 12:10 pm, so members can participate in the community planning forum.

There was extensive discussion about the agenda items for the face to face. Items that emerged are:

  • What is the financial model for the trust and identity portfolio at Internet2? What are the costs (money and time) to participate in Internet2 trust and identity programs? What is the staffing and resource plan for the next year and beyond?

  • A summary of the Trust and Identity “bundle” and what pricing might look like. This might include the TIER software and InCommon Federation, for example, because they are critical to success. Some items (say, the certificate service) may be offered a la carte. What should be part of the bundle and what should be offered a la carte? And how would those be priced?

  • DIscussion of the future of Shibboleth support and what InCommon’s role should be. For example, should we include Shibboleth support in the price of InCommon to participants and offer a financial model for our membership in the Shibboleth Consortium that includes support for all InCommon participants?

  • Does the PAG have a role in the promotion and implementation of the InCommon Federation Baseline Expectations? What will happen when a participant does not meet the expectations?

  • What are the implications for a federation that might shrink, if we renew our focus on support for research?

The final items identified for the agenda are:

  • Shibboleth Consortium: Quick primer on how everything relates and discussion on next steps w/r/t Trust and Identity division.

  • Lines of Business: Exploration of the T&I services,their revenues and expenses

  • InCommon Baseline Expectations: A quick summary of the program, how it may affect the Federation as a basis for discussing next steps for the Federation.

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