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The following metadata items are maintained in Trust and Identity's document repository. For background information about these elements and their rationale, please see Trust and Identity Document Stewardship and The Document Repository Service.

Metadata ItemDescriptionGuidance for Values
Repository IDUnique repository identifier that is never reassigned to another document or version of the document.The Repository ID must be obtained from the Repository Librarian (
Persistent URL

The public location of the document itself.  Use this URL if you are linking to the document.

The Persistent URL must be obtained from the Repository Librarian (
TitleThe document's title.
AuthorsThe document's author(s).

Full name and, optionally, ORCID for each author. Group names (e.g., InCommon Program Advisory Group) are also acceptable, however we strive to provide full recognition for authors by taking the time to enumerate them and their ORCIDs. Notes:


Organization or group that sponsored the document and approved it to be published.

See Trust and Identity Document Stewardship for the list of authorized sponsors. The name and title of the person who acts on behalf of the sponsor is usually appropriate, as well.

If applicable, location of materials related to community review of the document prior to the final version.

StatusCurrent status of the document within its life-cycle."Review", "Preserve", "Legacy", or "Not Reviewed". See Trust and Identity Document Stewardship for more information.
Publish Date

Date the authors finalized the document for publishing in the repository.

DOIThe document's Digital Object Identifier.The Persistent URL must be obtained from the Repository Librarian (

If provided by the authors, a digital signature that can be used to verify the authenticity of the document.


Whether the document has been deprecated.

"Yes" or "No".
Future Review

A future date when the sponsor should consider updating (or deprecating) the document.


A list of Repository IDs of documents that have been superseded by this document.


The file formats provided for this document.

See The Document Repository Service for approved preservation formats.
Related Docs

A list of Repository IDs of documents that are closely related to this document.  Such documents are often submitted concurrently with this document.

Development Location

A link to the revisable document (e.g., MS Word file) that was used to create these documents, and has been attached to this page.

This information can be helpful for when the document will need updating in the future. Links to locations for ongoing development (e.g., wiki page, GitHub repository, Google Doc) may also be added, assuming they are appropriately described as potentially having been revised since the publish date. This is because such a link here can be problematic; it may change at any point and not match the repository item anymore.
IP Framework

The license under which this document is released.

Typically, Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0.
Subject Tags

Subject tags used to categorize this document.

Tag values are coordinated by the librarian. See Subject Tags in the Trust and Identity Document Repository for more information.
NotesMiscellaneous notes about the document.
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