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Performance WG at 2013 Annual Meeting in Arlington

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ken Miller, Working Group Chair, welcomed the group.


What's New in Perfsonar Toolkit 3.3 and Roadmap for Next 6 months – Brian Tierney, ESnet

See slides:
New Features in 3.3:
-CentOS 6 (32-bit and 64 bit support)
-LiveUSB distribution in addition to NetInstall and LiveCD
-Completely rewritten and re-designed lookup service
-Centralized mesh configuration management software
-Integration with MaDDash performance monitoring dashboard
-Numerous other bug fixes and enhancements
-Traceroute visualization developed by University of Wisconsin
-Final 3.3 release coming soon

Looking for help on release testing and better visualization and analysis tools


A Study on Network Performance from Selected Campus Environments - Jason Zurawski

See slides:

Upcoming workshop:
Networking Issues for Life Sciences Research
July 17- 18, 2013
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Need networking people and life sciences people to attend

Firewalls or "When Security and Performance Clash"
-Firewall is a useful tool, but can cause bottlenecks
-Delivers functionality that often can be implemented in different ways:
    - Filtering ranges can be implemented via ACLs
    - Port/Host blocking can be done on a host by host basis
     - IDS tools can implement near real-time blocking of ongoing attacks that match heuristics
Brown University example - Totally protected campus, with a border firewall
PSU example -  Unprotected campus, protection is the job of network customers

The Science DMZ
-It's a blueprint, not a specific design
-Approach to network architecture that preserves the ability to securely manage two different worlds (enterprise and research worlds)


Working Group Updates,  Ken Miller, PSU

Performance Working Group White Paper was recently released:
"Firewall Recommendations for the pS Performance Toolkit"
See paper at:


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