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  • Meeting Minutes from 31-Jan-2011 Joint Techs at Clemson
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Performance Working Group at Joint Techs at Clemson


Welcome  -- Carla Hunt and Chris Hawkinson

Internet2 Update -- Jeff Boote

  • Work is progressing on the packaging/development work for the IRIS/DYNES.
  • Work will be done to develop an inter-domain circuit monitoring infrastructure as part of the work with the DYNES group.
  • pS-Performance Toolkit saw the 3.2 release.
  • Internet2 has been doing work with Verizon to develop a measurement infrastructure for their FiOS infrastructure.
  • A new employee for Internet2, Nils Jacobson, was introduced.


perfSONAR collaboration effort between AARNET, TL/PW, UofHI, CENIC, USC, & PNW Gigapop  - Alan Whinery, University of Hawaii
DICE Performance Services and Standardizing Metrics - Joe Metzger, ESnet
Periscope Project - Martin Swany, University of Delaware (showed slides by Dan Gunter of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
What is ESnet Network Performance Knowledge Base ? - Brian Tierney, ESnet, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
MCNC Community Portal - Carla Hunt, MCNC (_

See the Presentation Slides linked from here

Upcoming Meetings:

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