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  • Meeting Minutes from 2012 Joint Techs in Baton Rouge
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Meeting Minutes from Performance Working Group at 2012 Joint Techs in Baton Rouge

Monday, Jan. 23, 2012

Internet2 Update (Jeff Boote)

- OSCARS v6 is available for public beta-testing
    - New features include the fact that it was redesigned to be a modular set of independent services. This allowed, for example, the Internet2 engineers to replace just the path provisioning portion to port OSCARS over OpenFlow directly in only a few weeks. Additionally, the OS3E service utilizes OSCARS v6 to implement inter-domain capabilities.

- perfSONAR-PS
    - A new release came out in December.
    - The team is working with the other developers to determine priorities and a roadmap for the next year. Input from the WG was requested.

- Performance Portal
    - Jeff gave a short verbal recap of the Portal presentation track session.

Q: Concerning the Performance Portal, how are you planning to capture OpenFlow data?
A: We have been evaluating tools internally. So far, inMon ( ) looks promising. We are still working on the database schema.

The Challenge (Carla Hunt and Ken Miller)

See Carla Hunt's Slides on the Challenge and the North Carolina Response

See Ken Miller's Slides on Network Performance and Measurement

  • Interesting work at PSU around the Network Performance Toolkit
  • mostly ping, then on-demand Iperf/OWAMP
  • Plans to centralize scheduling of measurements and centralize data collection

Community comments following Carla and Ken's presentations:

- There was some agreement on usefulness of being able to specify MTU size.
- Also a comment that it would be nice if the perfSONAR interface reflected results of MTU related to iPerf/BWCTL.
- Is there any way to co-schedule throughput and latency measurement tests on perfSONAR toolkit nodes?
- Ability to centralize storage of test results?
- Application layer testing
- Current toolkit provides a GUI to configure tests on one host.
- A bit more challenging to develop a GUI way to configure a constellation of scheduled measurement tests.
- How can a NOC check to see if Multicast is working?
- How much Multicast traffic is really being generated?
-NLANR Multicast beacon used to be useful for this.
-Possible that project has not been updated in a while.

Outreach to Research and Campus - SBIR program (Rich Carlson)

  • Rich Carlson talked about the DOE SBIR program in the Office of Science.
  • Rich is looking for better tools to run performance tests and manage infrastructure.
  • Think about partnering with or starting up a new business. $1.1 M of funding over three years.
  • More information:

Welcome New Co-Chair

  • Ken Miller, of PSU, was voted in as new co-chair of the Performance Working Group.
  • The classification of the group was discussed.
  • Should the group be classified as a working group or special interest group? Still an open question.
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