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The Campus and RONs Requirements /Best Practices (BCP) task force will develop a document to guide and assist the deployment of perfSONAR on regional networks (RONs) and campus networks. The document will address primarily the rationale for deploying perfSONAR, what measurements and what data are most useful, the tools for making those measurements, and how the tools and data will be used. Secondary issues will include how the software is packaged and configuration management.

General information

Mailing list: <bcp-tf-performance-wg[at]>

Task Force chair: Ken Lindahl

Task Force Members:

Ken Lindahl <lindahl[at]>
Mike Van Norman <mvn[at]>
Siegrid Rickenbach <siegrid[at]>
Matthew J Zekauskas <matt[at]>
Carla Hunt <carla[at]>
Tom Throckmorton <tthrockmorton[at]>
Jeff W. Boote <boote[at]>
Joe St Sauver <joe[at]>
Wilson Dillaway <wilson.dillaway[at]>
Joe Metzger <metzger[at]>

Please contact Ken Lindahl, Jeff Boote or Carla Hunt to be added to the task force and task force mailing list.


2008-09-04 Conference Call

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