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Notes from planning call Fri 15 Jul 2011

RlBob, Benno, EricW, TomB



draft agenda for next planning call

Bob or Tom

invite f2f participants to next planning call, once agenda's ready


ask K folks for funds to cover 2 participants


see if Keith or Rob need travel support


when we're ready, send homework assignment email to f2f participants

Context, general aim

Although "we" have been discussing needs in this space for quite some time, and are here still doing so, there are new and specific opportunities that make it worthwhile to focus a new effort that will capture them. There is good reason to expect that we will be able to make some substantial progress.

Eventual goals of this activity could be:

  • a person registry
  • filling in gaps across several existing projects
  • a de/provisioning solution
    • specific interest to surfnet
  • project independent standards/APIs

F2F outcomes

  • Kuali to assign resources
  • roadmap items (specific tasks in specified time frame)
    • some assigned or likely to be assigned to existing projects
  • enough specificity to interest EU development groups
  • enough relevance and confidence to capture opportunities presented by several campuses, Kuali, and other projects
  • gap analysis & determination of most important requirements to address
  • a way for others to get involved
  • identification of next steps, beyond the f2f
    • maybe a coordinating body identified

F2F agenda elements

  • review of requirements
    • ask participants to prepare them beforehand and plan to present them at the f2f
  • status of current products/projects
  • gap analysis
  • what's most important?
  • next steps
    • commitment to try to commit projects
    • points of concord and discord for outward communication of this activity
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