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InCommon Technical Forum

Monday, April 18, 2011Internet2 2011 Spring Member Meeting

User Consent for Attribute Release - Demo

Steve Carmody (Brown Univ.) and Russ Beall (Univ. of Southern California) provided a demonstration of USC’s test instance of uApprove, a Shibboleth add-on that provides for user consent of the release of attributes.

The approach is to use metadata-driven release of attributes. The campus will release a default set of attributes to any service provider that makes the request, if the user approves (for example, EPPN, name, affiliation, and email).

This also involves the federation metadata having a process for SPs to request certain attributes, so the federation operator needs a business process for an SP to enter the requested attributes in the metadata.

Russ Beall showed a demo of the test implementation of uApprove at USC.

In a related discussion, Tom Scavo talked about a development version of an administrative interface to create/maintain metadata within InC. This would allow an admin to use an attribute consuming service, including requested attributes (drop-down menu), user interface elements (display name, description, keywords, information URL, privacy statement URL, logo URS), contacts.

Assurance Program
The refined Identity Assurance Profile (IAP) and Identity Assurance Assessment Framework (IAAF) (both v. 1.1) were submitted to InCommon Steering this morning.

The existing version of these documentswere submitted to the U.S. government’s ICAM to ask for approval of InCommon as a trust framework provider.

Advance CAMP and CAMP

  • ACAMP – May 25-27, 2011 – after JASIG in Westminster, CO.
  • CAMP – June 21-23, 2011 – two tracks – one on federating and one on IdM – in Columbus, OH.

Cert Service
InCommon has rolled out client certificates in a temporary infrastructure. The permanent infrastructure is expected to be available mid-May. We have also sent the CPS for code signing certificates to Comodo

InCommon Staffing
InCommon is interviewing for a program manager to work specifically on the certificate service. InCommon is also interviewing for a program manager for the assurance program, as well as to engage with potential Sponsored Partners and affiliates.

Research Organizations
It was announced that a third class of participants has been approved – Research Organizations can now join as full participants with the ability to sponsor partners.

InC Roadmap for NSF Cyberinfrastructure
There was discussion of the NSF campus bridging taskforce that developed the InCommon Roadmap for NSF Cyberinfrastructure ( to provide guidance for NSF cyberinfrastructure projects, researchers and their representative campuses on the successful adoption and use of InCommon to advance NSF science and engineering research.

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