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October 2009

Recording of Town Hall meeting regarding InCommon's business plan and fee structure (via Adobe Connect; approx. 30 minutes) (Oct. 19, 2009). The slide deck from the meeting is available here (PPT).

Announcement and Summary of InCommon Business Plan, Fee Structure (Oct. 5, 2009)

Interim (2010) fee structure details. (Oct. 5, 2009)

September 2009

InCommon Interim Business and Financial Plan (Final Plan due in December for Board Approval)
(Submitted to the Internet2 Board of Directors, September 2009)
Read the Interim Plan

CIC & RUCC Letters to the Board regarding InCommon, Doug Van Houweling's Letter in Response
Read the Letters

July 2009

Report from the InCommon Future Group. Presented to the Internet2 Board of Trustees July 2009, for discussion.

May 2009
InCommon Future Draft and Comment

Read the feedback from the InCommon Forum and InCommon Town Hall -- community feedback on the first draft of the Future report.
Read the Draft Report (pdf) that preceded the InCommon Forum and Town Hall meetings

InCommon Charts Future

The InCommon federation is becoming an integral part of the cyberinfrastructure of the research and education community. Because of rapid growth and increased adoption by key partners, InCommon is at a pivotal point in its development, and the community continues to lead its formation and strategy. An InCommon Future group has been chartered by the InCommon Steering Committee and the Internet2 Advisory Councils, AMSAC and RAC, to look at a wide range of issues related to the future of InCommon. The Future group's charge is to develop a three-year plan that recommends InCommon's scope and activities: who InCommon serves, with what set of services, and how it will implement this next phase, including a governance and financial model.

Community feedback from InCommon Participants and Internet2 Members is critical. A draft plan will be developed and distributed for broad review by end of April, when discussion will take place at the Internet2 Spring Member meeting held April 27-29. Additional input will be sought through at least one phone conference and also through an area on the InCommon Collaborate wiki (this page).

After this community input, a revised draft will be forwarded to the two Internet2 advisory councils (AMSAC and RAC) and the InCommon Steering Committee. The goal is to produce a final draft by June 15th, which can be endorsed by the InCommon Steering Committee, AMSAC, and RAC, and submitted jointly by these groups to the Internet2 board on June 23rd for discussion at the board's July 7th meeting.

Feedback: If you have comments or thoughts about these topics (or about the process), contact John Krienke (jcwk AT internet2 DOT edu).

Members of the InCommon Future task force:
Amy Philipson, Pacific NW Gigapop, (Internet2 AMSAC)
Chris Shillum, Elsevier, (InCommon Steering)
Clair Goldsmith, UT System, (InCommon Steering)
Cliff Lynch, CNI, (Internet2 RAC)
Doug Van Houweling, Internet2
Jack Suess, UMBC, (InCommon Steering, Internet2 AMSAC)
John Krienke, Internet2, (InCommon Operations)
Ken Klingenstein, Internet2, U Colorado, (InCommon Steering)
Kevin Morooney, Penn State, (InCommon Steering)
Lois Brooks, Stanford, (InCommon Steering)
Richard Katz, EDUCAUSE
Ray Ford, U Montana, (Internet2 AMSAC)
RL 'Bob' Morgan, U Washington, (InCommon Technical Advisory Committee)
Rick Summerhill, Internet2
Sally Jackson, U Illinois, (Internet2 AMSAC)

The Final Charge of the InCommon Future group in its entirety.

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