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  • MD WG Meeting 2013-10-31
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Present: Nate, Ian, Scott, Tom, John, Mark,

Discussion centered on implementation plan for phase 1, including new MD endpoints.

Discussed the need for a Metadata Aggregate (MDA) that lets the Federation test new, advanced features in the MDA (as opposed to testing endpoints or entities). Examples are SHA-2, or new MD extensions. The word "Test" can be easily confused with functions that entity deployers care about. Consensus was that we need a name for this MDA that distinguishes it from entity deployer concerns. Some suggestions were: Next, Advanced, and Preview.

For this first rollout, since we are changing endpoint URLs for the MDA: We want some limited set of people to think about using the new production MDA as this "advanced" MDA, to test and find out what might break. We want to emphasize that the official rollout of SHA-2 is when this new MDA endpoint becomes synonymous with the new production endpoint (when the fallback MDA is synced to the production MDA – see Exec Summary number 5).

We currently have a Probe of SPs in the federation wrt: SHA-2. We know definitively which SPs will have trouble with SHA-2, concerns being centered on those who use the Shib SP software.

Do we actively contact the SPs in question? Setting a precedent of doing this /all/ the time could be dangerous. However, having done the analysis, the incremental hit on our work is not that hard. That said, in follow up with the entity deployers we'll have to make sure we limit the private consultation. If people have questions, we should have a public place for the answers to be shared. We discussed a new email list for metadata management among participants (inc-metadata-support).


  • Loose ends on this implementation and the FAQ
  • Strategy for ID Week discussions and possible topics at REFeds, ACAMP, CAMP
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