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The InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) invites you to participate in a consultation on the REFEDS Assurance Framework Implementation Guidance for InCommon Participants document. 

This document, developed by the Assured Access Working Group provides guidance to InCommon Participants on mapping and communicating user identity-proofing information using the REFEDS Assurance Framework. 

Documents for Review/Consultation

REFEDS Assurance Framework Implementation Guidance for the InCommon Federation

What is a consultation?

Working groups and advisory groups produce reports, recommendations, standards, best practices, and related documents. These are then provided to the community for review in the form of a consultation. In addition, policy and other documents developed by Internet2 Trust and Identity division staff may undergo the community consultation process to gather broader input and awareness before becoming finalized.

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For those familiar with InCommon's former assurance program and may have done work towards those IAP levels (Bronze and Silver), it would be helpful to mention where these align with the REFEDS Assurance Framework.Drew Aschenbrener

Alan Crosswell

Data on the former assurance program has been incorporated into the document, including the spectrum diagram.
2n/aAn InCommon IdP meets the RAF Conformance criteria defined in section 3 of RAF because it must adhere to InCommon Baseline Expectations. Document should instruct the IdP (InCommon IdP) to always assert the value via eduPersonAssurance to indicate its RAF conformance in accordance with RAF Section 3.Albert Wu
Information on this has been included in the Technical Requirements section.
3n/aIt would be helpful for commenting if the PDF had page numbers, section numbers, and/or line numbers to use as ref.Mark RankAlan Crosswell

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