CTAB Call of January 23, 2024



Pål Axelsson, SUNET 

David Bantz, University of Alaska (chair) 

Tom Barton, Internet2, ex-officio 
Ercan Elibol, Florida Polytechnic University 
Richard Frovarp,  North Dakota State 

Mike Grady, Unicon  

Scott Green, Eastern Washington University 
Johnny Lasker, Internet2 

Kyle Lewis,  Research Data and Communication Technologies 
Ryan McDaniel, Virginia Tech 

Rick Wagner, UCSD 

Ann West, Internet2 

Albert Wu, Internet2 
Jon Miner, University of Wisc - Madison (co-chair) 
Emily Eisbruch, Independent, scribe  

Warren Anderson, LIGO 
Matt Eisenberg, NIAID 
Christopher Keith, Brown University
Kevin Morooney, Internet2 
Andrew Scott, Internet2 


  • 2024 CTAB Work Plan Preparation
  • Draft InCommon Futures 2 Report


InCommon Operations Update (Johnny)

    • In November 2023 InCommon Operations added ability to let InCommon site admins initiate TLS scans
    • Every published entity gets TLS scanned once per week
    • Newly published entities get priority in TLS scanning 
    • TLS metrics are trending in good direction

    • InCommon Operations did a metadata health check for InCommon contacts (exec contact, site admins contact, metadata contacts) 
    • Note that site admins are key to updating the metadata contacts, 
    • Metadata contacts bounce rate is 12%
    • Only 1.2% bounce rates for site admins
    • What action should we take if site admin contact is not good?
    • how do we raise the awareness?
    • How to triage? When to escalate and start dispute resolution? 
    • Not urgent but CTAB needs to weigh in at some point.   
    • David: Metadata contacts bounce rate is 12%, that could become a serious issue
    • This impacts SIRTFI exercise
    • working contacts are important for trust among federation participants
    • Suggested Action: reach out to site admins for the bounced metadata contacts
    • Suggestion to handle situations where only one contact for an org has gone stale
    • Johnny: we can do some internal digging around
    • InCommon is planning to do an “are you there” blast email twice per year. 
    • Johnny: Could make a listserve of the bounces and reach out to the problem people at whatever interval 
    • AGREED: InCommon Ops will report to CTAB once per quarter with the stats
    • AGREED: InCommon Ops will develop a plan and CTAB can weigh in on the timing

  • InCommon Working Groups and Committee updates
    • InCommon TAC (David)
      • TAC has not yet appointed liaison to CTAB (or CACTI)
      • Discovery service migrating to Seamless Access (updates to come from Albert Wu)
      • Reviewed process and worked on TAC 2024 Work Plan

    • SIRTFI Exercise Planning Working Group (Kyle)
      • volunteer form closed; 9 volunteers for working group; coordinating kickoff meeting time

Solidify 2024 CTAB Work Plan

  • CTAB members: Please add your name to items in the workplan that you want to work on

  • InCommon Futures Report
    • Community comment period is closed for InCommon Futures Report
    • An info graphic will be added to the InCommon Futures Report
    • Further CTAB actions around workplan:  examine how the Futures Report  impacts CTAB’s work

  • Update RAF Implementation Guidance for InCommon Participants
    • Tom and Kyle will do a mapping exercise  
    • Helping the community understand RAF (REFEDS Assurance Framework) IAP (Identity Assurance Profile) versus NIST IAL (Identity Assurance Level)
    • https://refeds.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/12/RAF-2.0-Final-version.pdf

    • This is important guidance for federal agencies, including NASA
    • It is important to align the InCommon advisory groups 
    • InCommon TAC looked at testing and aligning federal agencies around MFA and Assurance
    •  Tom and Kyle will report back to CTAB on the work

  • Snippets from Mike Grady
    • Mike will do a further writeup

  • SIRTFI Exercise - 2024 edition

Draft InCommon Futures 2 Report

 Here are some questions (some, not all) to consider as you take in this draft.

  • How can CTAB help address particular recommendations?
  • How can all of the standing committees work together differently to help address particular recommendations?
  • Do you see something(s) that strike you as being primarily associated with a committee other than the one you lead?
  • What recommendations strike you as the most urgent? ones that can be sequenced for later action?
  • As we "go on the road" with the findings, what are the 2-3 points/recommendations/findings/etc. that you believe should be front and center of messaging?
  • David’s comments on the draft Futures2 Report
    • Issue on how to talk to each other around security, bottom of page 9
    • What are the top recommendations that should be central for sharing InCommon Futures2 with the community?
    • Implement RAF2 and be SIRTFI ready
    • Keep up the SIRTFI exercise and also do some complementary activities? 

Upcoming Internet2 Community Exchange

Next CTAB Call: Tuesday, February 6, 2024


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