Notes and Action Items, AAC Call of 1-Feb-2017


Attending: Brett Bieber (Chair), Ted Hanss, Chris Whalen, Emily Eisbruch

Action Items

[AI] (Tom and Brett) take Baseline Expectations implementation plan to next level over coming weeks.



  • Welcome & Introductions

  • Approval of AAC minutes from Jan 12, 2017

    • Emily will ask for any changes to the draft minutes within a week, then they will get posted publicly

  • Planning for 2017

    • Assurance Program Review

    • Arc of work

  • Baseline Expectations

      • Baseline Expectations and implementation will be a strong focus of teh AAC for 2017 

        • Q: How much of a burden will baseline expectations potentially pose for an IDP?

        • A: The planned approach is to assume every InCommon member is in compliance. The suggestion in the Draft Implementation Plan is to modify the InCommon Participation Agreement to require adherence to Baseline Expectations. The revised PA would refer to an external document that is the currently authoritative definition of Baseline Expectations, so that the PA does not need to be amended as baseline expectations evolve. InCommon Steering Committee must approve new PA

        • It could be interesting to decompose NIST levels and Bronze and Silver and define pieces by which a school can take steps towards a larger assurance profile. This would help stay in alignment with what the Federal Govt is doing.

        • InCommon Steering wants to build confidence in the underlying environment

        • Research SPs need better credentials from collaborators

        • Some SPs need to trust only those identities from a trusted federation

        • Countries with no federation (eg some African countries) require more work for the research SP



  • It will be interesting to investigate areas to evangelize baseline expectations with service providers


  • Program Review for Bronze and Silver Assurance Profiles

    • Program review is planned for 2017 to assess the value to the community of the bronze and silver Assurance Profiles 

    • A survey to the community – Talking to the schools who have been certified -- should be part of the program review

    • Experience at University of Nebraska has shown that using the standard of bronze can increase trust within the institution

    • There have been changes in the FICAM environment, possibly more attention to R&E is needed


Next AAC call: Wed. Feb. 15 at 4pm ET




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