Notes and Action Items, AAC Call of 6-Dec-2017



  • Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska (chair)
  • Tom Barton, U. Chicago and Internet2
  • Ted Hanss, University of Michigan
  • Joanna Rojas, Duke
  • Ann West, Internet2
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


Regrets: Chris Whalen

Action Items

  •  [AI] (TomB) reach out to Ivy Plus and the Big 10 CISOs to recruit for CTAB
. [Done]


Assurance Webinar of Dec. 6, 2017

Opening of Consultation on CTAB Charter

Recruitment for CTAB members

  • CTAB/AAC Recruitment 
    • [AI] (Brett) email InCommon participants email list and Assurance email lists with reminder of recruitment for CTAB 
  • Emphasize lasting impact of CTAB on what happens in research and HE 

  • Word of mouth will help in recruiting CTAB members

  •  [AI] (TomB) reach out to Ivy Plus and the Big 10 CISOs to recruit for CTAB

  • Most current AAC members are likely to continue and serve on CTAB

  • TomB will not be the InCommon TAC representative on the AAC after 2017, since he is rolling off TAC, but he might be an InCommon Ops rep on CTAB

  • InCommon Steering’s next meeting when they might approve new CTAB members will be in January or after.  

FOPP & Participation Agreement modifications

  • Ann has made a new round of proposed updates to the FOPP and the InCommon Participation Agreement

  • AAC members are requested to please review the suggested changes to the FOPP and the PA again

FICAM Trust Framework Certification Process

  • There was a question to InCommon Steering regarding implications for those participants who have not upgraded to Shib v3

  • Potentially this Shib issue could fall under Security provisions of BE

  • But it is best not to rush Baseline Expectations dispute process to address the Shib v2/v3 issue

  • Perhaps eventually CTAB could come up with general guidelines of how far (how many month) out of date in upgrading important security measures a participant is allowed to be

  • Note: we already have an incident response practice
 which may be helpful in this area


  •  InCommon Operations is drafting a baseline expectations intent paper. Talks about strategic value and change management
  • Dean has scheduled 3 webinars on Baseline Expectations in Jan, Feb, and March 2018

Next AAC Call: Dec. 20, 2017

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