Notes and Action Items, AAC Call of 12-April-2017



  • Brett Bieber, University of Nebraska (chair)
  • Joanna Rojas, Duke
  • Ann West, Internet2
  • Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


Action Items
[AI] (Tom) develop guiding principles for dispute resolution process
[AI] (Ann) continue to work on the Draft Processes to Implement and Maintain Baseline Expectations
[AI] (Brett) make additional updates to the Diagram, Community Dispute Resolution Process
[AI] (Tom and Brett) review documents to make them more generic so they could apply more broadly, such as to handle issues around tags such as R&S or SIRTFI.  


Representative from AAC to TIER working groups
Joanna is participating on TIER security and Audit Working Group, chaired by Helen Patton.  Joanna primarily listens and is available to provide an audit perspective as needed.  Joanna will keep the AAC informed.  

Baseline Expectations

Key documents:

Ann has edited the Draft Processes to Implement and Maintain Baseline Expectations document and  done some reorganization .As discussed on the last AAC call, a goal is to be able to use this process for other purposes, beyond baseline expectations, such as to handle issues around tags such as R&S or SIRTFI.  
Complaints to be handled through this process may come from 

  • InCommon Ops metadata checking and the inability for Ops to effect change by the organization to its registered service, or

  • A complaint from a community member that has tried to resolve an issue with another member and was unable to do so. In addition, the InCommon staff have been unable to resolve the complaint as well.

The plan being considered is that the “AAC docket” will be public. Security incidents will get moved to incident response process and will not be on the AAC docket. InCommon adds the entity complained against to the public AAC docket list along with a lightweight description (ie “metadata inaccuracy”).  The list that’s on the AAC docket will be added to the monthly InCommon newsletter.  If issue is not addressed by next InCommon newsletter, then action is taken (such as removing the entity from metadata).

It was noted that much detailed work was done on the bronze and silver profiles that is not used on regular basis. We want to keep in mind to start simple and develop as needed as we develop baseline practices.

Sharing Baseline Expectations Implementation work with InCommon staff and with Steering 

It would be good to share some of the AAC’s work around baseline expectation implementation with InCommon Steering and other groups at Global Summit.  Steering has already approved the Baseline Expectations policy.  Sharing of baseline expectations implementation plans would be an FYI. Ann is currently  sharing the implementation plans with InCommon staff.   Ann hopes we will be underway with the baseline expectations rollout by end of 2017.  
Strawman Schedule for implementing Baseline Expectations is here.

Meeting with Kantara on Sunday, April 23, 2017

At Global Summit, there will be discussion with Kantara on Sunday April 23, 10am - 2pm to talk about aligning profiles between InCommon and Kantara. Complying with the new NIST SP 800-63 could be time consuming and working together will be helpful. One topic may be the expected upcoming work around the revised NIST SP 800-63 digital identity guidelines.

It was noted that  NIST SP 800-63 input period (for the parent document only) has been extended until May 1.  For details see here.

Global Summit Session of interest

AAC Face-to-Face at Global Summit is Tues. April 25, 2:30pm - 4pm

Suggested agenda


Community Assurance Calls (not discussed on the AAC call due to lack of time)
• Next InCommon Community Assurance Call : Wed. May 3 at noon ET

• Plans for this call?

Next AAC call after Global Summit: Wed May 10, 2017 at 4pm ET



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