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InCommon Steering Committee Minutes - April 3, 2017 

Attending: Sean Reynolds, Ted Hanss, Ann West, Michael Gettes, Dee Childs, Celeste Schwartz, Dennis Cromwell, Marty Ringle, Michele Norin

With: Kevin Morooney, Mark Scheible, Brett Bieber

Action Items

Minutes from last meeting approved via the wiki and will be made public.

InCommon Marketing Study

Download Kevin's slides (PDF)

Kevin provided a first look at the results from the InCommon marketing/segmentation study. He noted that the study generated a tremendous amount of data and the work has started to boil it down to actionable plans. We will be in a better position for more-detailed thoughts at the Global Summit.

There were three phases of the study:

  • Assessment of current state and internal interviews by consultant

  • Market analysis and external interviews by consultant (qualitative)

  • Quantitative survey and analysis of four market segments (higher ed, commercial, non-profits (research orgs), and regionals

The consultant provided both demographic data and developed five personas based on an analysis of the survey data. Kevin provided a brief overview of the personas and the types of data developed about each. 

The survey also asked about InCommon priorities, services that might be offered, and the perceived value and satisfaction with InCommon and its services. Both value and satisfaction receive high marks, but value scores are higher, which the consultant found unusual. Typically satisfaction leads value, but our situation is the reverse. 

Next steps are to continue the analysis of the consultant’s findings, discuss the survey and implications further with Steering, with the new Trust and Identity PAG, TCIC, and the InCommon TAC and AAC. Then we will develop an action plan.  

Agenda Items for Global Summit Meeting 

  • Marketing/Segmentation Study (continued)
  • Sustainability for InCommon and TIER
  • Update on PAG
  • Trajectory for TIER development
  • Value Proposition for Research Organization

PAG Update

Kevin is finalizing the membership of the PAG, which will have representation from InCommon Steering, TCIC, regional network. Once created, the PAG will determine if other types of organizations need representation.

Attribute Release

Ann developed a draft roadmap for easing attribute release, incorporating thoughts from discussions with Steering, TAC and AAC.

Some key points to be discussed/communicated/developed:

  • How does an SP report non-compliance by R&S-tagged IdPs?
  • Communicating with TIER investors that R&S is an expectation of TIER

  • Clarifying that an IdP must release all attributes in the R&S bundle

  • Develop plan to communicate that this is a priority for Steering, TAC, and AAC.

  • Need to develop metrics and targets

Next Meetings

April 23, 2017 - Face-to-face (with TCIC) at Global Summit

May 1, 2017 - Monthly Steering call


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