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InCommon Steering Committee Minutes - September 28, 2015

Attending: Melissa Woo, Susan Kelley, Michael Gettes, John O’Keefe, Dennis Cromwell, Steve Carmody, Michele Norin, Sean Reynolds, Klara Jelinkova, Pankaj Shah, Jacob Farmer, Chris Holmes

With: Ann West

eduGAIN Update

The legal review committee has met during last four weeks. They finished their review of the Participation Agreement and the proposed changes to align with eduGAIN. They have categorized the changes as:

  1. those needed for eduGAIN (and they agree with all of these)

  2. those not needed for eduGAIN, but easy to explain and implement

  3. those not needed for eduGAIN and not easy to explain.

The committee has a meeting scheduled with Internet2’s John Morabito to discuss their recommended approach.

Steering Membership

There was a discussion of the nomination process for new Steering members with terms starting on January 1, 2016. As a reminder, the Steering Committee is to forward two nominees for each open position to Shel Waggener. In order to maintain diversity of members, in terms of the size and complexity of their organizations, Steering will nominate candidates representing a Level 4 campus, a Level 3 campus, and a Level 2 campus.  (“Level” refers to the InCommon fee structure.) The goal is to approve a slate of nominees on November 2.

In addition, it was proposed to add non-voting advisors (one-year appointments) in these areas:

  1. Corporate Sponsored Partner

  2. Legal

  3. Community College

(AI) Dean will set up separate votes for each of these proposals in Wisegate.

It was also proposed to nominate Von Welch to continue as the research advisor.

The discussion turned to nominees for the open Steering seats:

  1. Klara is eligible to serve a second three-year term and is interested

  2. Michael is eligible to serve a second three-year term and is interested

  3. Level 4 - There was discussion about potential candidates.

  4. Level 3 - There was a discussion about potential candidates and particularly someone associated with an academic medical center.

  5. Level 2 - Generally, Steering is looking for candidates from schools that are less complex than R1s, may be more focused on teaching, may do some research, and are more pragmatic.

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