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InCommon Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - May 5, 2014

Attending: John O’Keefe, Bill Yock, Dave Vernon, Klara Jelinkova, Michael Gettes, Susan Kelley, Jack Suess, Dennis Cromwell, Steve Carmody, Steve Devoti, Chris Holmes

With: Ann West

Minutes from the April 6-7, 2014, meeting were approved.

Information Item – Research & Scholarship Category

The process for approving service providers for the R&S category was approved by the External Relations and Governance (ERG) subcommittee. If there is no question about an SP’s eligibility, staff will review and approve the application. If there are questions, staff will take the application to TAC. If TAC cannot resolve the questions, the application will go to Steering.

Information Item – Affiliates

During 2013, an Affiliate proposed providing services in lieu of paying the $6,000 annual Affilaite fee. Those services were used by the Scalable Privacy project. The same Affiliate proposed a similar arrangement for 2014. Staff recommends not entering into such relationships, but instead offering a payment plan, if that would be helpful to the Affiliate. ERG agreed.

Update on TIER

As an outcome from the April 6-7, 2014, meeting, Steering will lead the development of a TIER charter. The work will be led by the ERG subcommittee with the help of four community CIOs: Eric Denna (Univ. of Utah), Kelli Trosvig (Univ. of Washington), Kevin Morooney (Penn State), and Tracy Futhey (Duke). The goal is to have this work completed by the end of July.
Chris Holmes is drafting streamlined charter and bylaw documents for InCommon and also proposals for changes to the LLC.

While this work continues, Steering will remain focused on the InCommon portfolio. ERG is discussing communication to CIOs and/or participants to ensure that there is no confusion about the status of InCommon – that InCommon will continue. Any broad communication about TIER will wait until after the TIER charter is completed.

Program Subcommittee Report

The 2014 priorities are now in the hands of Internet2 (John Krienke and Steve Zoppi) to validate that they are achievable. Once that has been vetted, the ERG subcommittee will take responsibility for communications. This process (including Internet2 validation of achievability) will be part of the priority-setting process in future years.

The Program Subcommittee will continue its work on the 2015 priorities, focusing on the InCommon portfolio. Once the TIER charter is completed, these priorities might be amended.

Klara commended the Program Subcommittee for its work in developing the priorities and the process for priority setting.

ERG Subcommittee Report

As noted, ERG will take up the 2014 priorities, once they have been vetted with Internet2.

By the next meeting, Chris Holmes will have a revised charter and bylaws, as well as recommendations for the LLC.

Apereo Statement of Intent

Ann West provided an outline of her discussions with Ian Dophin of Apereo, an open source development community, concerning the potential to work together. There is nothing concrete, but a sense that the organizations have some common interests. It might be beneficial to have a statement of understanding or letter of intent. Ann and Ian will continue to talk, but Steering will hold off on any formal arrangement until after the TIER charter is completed.

Next Meeting

Monday, June 2, 2014
4 pm ET | 3 pm CT | 2 pm MT | 1 pm PT

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